Lyndsay (MSK)
Series MySims series
First game MySims Kingdom
Species Sim
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Lyndsay appears in the MySims Series. She helps you in all of the games she appears in. In MySims Kingdom, she first appears as a sidekick, giving you power with you wand to help out the kingdom. If you play as a female sim, you can have her outfit and her hairstyle. In MySims Agents, Lyndsay appears at the temple, which is the last location on the game. When you find organic water, you gave Lyndsay the water, and she will stand on the pestal while you push it to give the temple power to open up the temple door. Once you get inside the temple, Lyndsay will just stand at the entrance while you try to find the nightmare crown. When you find it, Buddy and Lyndsay is amazed! Lyndsay does not exit the temple when you exit it, finding Morcubus and his thugs waiting outside the temple for you to exit. When you pass or skip the ending and credits, Lyndsay will become a recruit for you to hire at your Headquarters to finish all the dispatch missions. In MySims Skyheroes, Lyndsay is a member of the Air and Sea Patrol, looking out for any enemy planes. She is one of the first playable characters for you to play as in quick play.