Magic Bean

Artwork of a Magic Bean

Magic Beans are recurring items in the The Legend of Zelda series. They slightly resemble green beans. These beans are, as the name suggests, magical, and they are quite large for beans. They have four different colored kernels in them, that are not covered like in normal beans, and they seem to taste very good, as the Bean Seller doesn't stop eating them. If planted in patches of Soft Soil and are given time to grow, the beans will sprout leaves that can carry Link to hard-to reach places that he couldn't get to before. This often leads to Heart Pieces, or other treasures. When the "Song of Storms" is played next to a budding plant, then fairies appear.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Magic Beans can be purchased from the Bean Seller at Zora's River. Each time Link buys one, the price increases by 10 Rupees, and he can only buy a total of ten beans. Those ten Magic Beans can be planted as a child in ten respective spots of Soft Soil found scattered around Hyrule. When Link returns to the spots as an adult, he finds that the beans have grown, and he can now reach higher places. Planting beans can make great shortcuts, as is the case on Death Mountain, and can lead the player to many Heart Pieces. Since ten beans can be purchased, the last bean costs 100 Rupees, meaning that Link needs the Adult's Wallet before he can buy the last one.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Again, Magic Beans can be purchased from the Bean Seller, whom can be found in a Grotto in the Inner Palace Garden of the Deku Palace. Once the first bean has been purchased, more can be bought from the Bean Seller, or from a Business Scrub in the Southern Swamp. The price stays at a constant 10 Rupees no matter how many beans are purchased now, probably since they are not so "rare" anymore. A Magic Bean is needed for talking to the Imprisoned Monkey in the Deku Palace Prison.

Once a bean has been planted, Spring Water, which can be carried in bottles, is needed for the plant to grow. If Link does not have Spring Water, the "Song of Storms" can be played to make it grow instead. The rain showers on the Second Day make any planted Beans grow as well.