Magma Dragoon
Magma Dragoon (Magmard Dragoon in Japanese) is one of the eight Mavericks and boss in Mega Man X Collection designed to resemble a dragon. He made two appearances in the categories in Mega Man X Collection.


Mega Man X4

Dragoon will dive into X in the start of the battle. He'll throw fire down or up to hit X. When Dragoon is on the platform behind X when he's on the wall, he must jump so he can land. He'll create a large fireball and will throw it in to the lava, creating a lava pillar. He'll also blow fire at Mega Man X, so he should jump over him. He'll also make his rising fire when in danger and will also roar to summon a flaming meteor shower. Dragoon will then repeat again. It's best to use Double Cyclone as X and Raijingeki as Zero.

Mega Man X5

Dragoon will be a training boss for Mega Man X. He'll behave like the one he appeared, except some of his attacks are removed.


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“This isn't good, X! That Maverick just destroyed the power reactor!”