Magu tapah

The scuba diver and magu tapah.

The magu tapah is a creature found in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. Of the 214 species in the game, it is among the only two that are fictional. Magu tapah is over 25 feet (7m).

Official description

From the European (English) version of the game.

"The legendary great white shark with a giant body and a length over 7m. Its name is that of the god of violence and death that features in myths told around the islands of Paoul. Can be seen swimming around all areas of the Ocean's Graveyard all year round.

Innumerable scars cover its body as the result of numerous vicious battles. It bears a wound made by either a harpoon or a spear, but there's no telling how old it is. It's probably a good idea to avoid giving it a reason to attack.

According to the Paoul myth, he was the youngest of six sons of the goddess "White Mother" and a great leader who brought unity to the many soldiers of the land. Unfortunately, he ignored his people due to greed and was banished by the head god to the stagnant ocean. Tsi Matah Wengah, an unruly god, was entrusted with ensuring that the violent god of death didn't escape."

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