Makna Ansel
Orange Ansel

An Makna Ansel as seen in Xenoblade Chronicles.
Series Xenoblade (series)
First game Xenoblade Chronicles
Species Ansel
Created by Monolith Soft
Year created 2010

The Makna Ansel is an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles that is a member of the Ansel family. It can be found at level 32-34 inside Makna Forest, alongside the river running from Great Makna Falls, the Eks Watering Hole, and the Clear Waterfall but only if it is not raining. They can drop the Tasty Ansel Wings, which are needed for "Heropon's Spirit" quest. Two of them must be defeated to complete the Makna Forest version of the "Monster Quest 3" quest.


HP 36,300
Str 568
Eth 425
Agi 69
Double Att Rate 5%
Critical Hit Rate 10%
Phys Def % 0%
Eth Def % 0%
Defence Direction N/A


Art Type Strength Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Winged Awakening Status N/A N/A Self Awakening N/A N/A
Winged Cure Status N/A N/A Self Regenerate N/A N/A
Skewer Physical 3.3 - 3.5 1 Single Bleed N/A N/A
Tornado Spin Ether 1.55 - 1.75 3 Circle around caster N/A N/A Yes/No
Wing Smite Ether 1.8 - 2.0 1 Frontal Arc N/A N/A Yes/No


Chests rates

  • Wood = 77.6%
  • Silver = 19.4%
  • Gold = 3%