Series Pushmo
First game Pushmo
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Mallo is the protagonist of the Pushmo series.


Mallo is an unnamed blob-like species that has other members as seen in his games. The species seems to derive from a cat. He is red,with a white/peach face. The top of his head is formed like a traditional Sumo hair do. He wears Yellow Gloves and a Blue mawashi (Sumo Belt).


Mallo is never heard speaking, but he is courageous and strong. In the original Pushmo,a kid named Corin, described by Papa Blox as "Quite a troublemaker",was pressing the Reset Switches on all of Pushmo Park's Pushmo (Playground equipment played with by pulling out it's blocks to climb to the top.),trapping other kids inside. Mallo volunteered by climbing to the top of all of the Pushmo to rescue the kids. In Crashmo,the game's sequel,Mallo is coming to visit Papa Blox to see his new Crashmo Park. Papa blox's grandniece, Poppy,is also coming to see the park and her great uncle. When Mallo introduces himself (By making a Sumo Stomp),he scares off all of Poppy's Birds she traveled with on her Bird Balloon (A Hot-Air Balloon lifted by birds perched on a Balloon-shaped set of bars.). They all flew onto the park's Crashmo (Their blocks are stacked on top of each other instead of connected,and can be moved in a full 3D space.). Mallo then sets out to save the birds,and help Poppy get back home.

Official Descriptions

Papa Blox's Description

Don't tell me you've forgotten yourself! Why, you're Mallo! You're a strong lad with a good heart. You remind me of myself in my youth! You're a bit forgetful, though, eh?

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


  • Mallo's name is a play on Sumo, a Japanese activity to try and push your opponent out of the arena. This could explain how the idea of Mallo pushing blocks came to be. Sumo Wrestlers try to gain weight to become harder to be pushed,which can explain Mallo's gelatonous form.