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List of quotes Mallow made in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


  • "Oh, no! That REPTILE stole my Grandpa's coin! hoo...sniffle... I can't cry. Big boys don't cry. But it's just not fair...! What am I gonna do? Waaaaaah!!!" - Mallow's crying causes rain to start.
  • "Y, yes? ...Gee, you're soaking wet, aren't you?" - After Mario attempts to comfort him
  • "I'm all right now. Sorry... There's nothing like a good cry! But, why was I crying? There was SOME reason... My Grandpa asked me to buy some things for him here. When I walked into town, that croc stopped me! Oh yeah! He took it from me! He stole my coin! I chased him, but he's way too fast..."

Following this, a Toad asks to see how Mario will take care of (battle) Bowser and requests a Jump from him. He does, and Mallow is shocked to see that this is Mario:

  • "Wow! You're THE Mario! I know all about you! You've got more JUMP in you than a box of frogs! I'm Mallow from Tadpole Pond. I'm a frog, but can you believe it? I can't jump. Embarassing huh? How about it, Mario! Will you help me catch that filthy thief?"

After this, Mallow joins Mario and the following sentence is shown:

"The young frog, Mallow, who doesn't look AT ALL like a frog, joins Mario in his quest." - Narrator

Bandit's Way

  • "There he is! He probably stashed it in that bag. Let's nab him!" - After spotting the thief.
  • "He's gone into hiding. Let's see if we can sneak up behind and catch him."

Mario and Mallow eventually catch up to him and demand the coin back after battling him:

  • "Gimme back my coin or I'll belt ya again!"

After getting the coin back:

  • "Yeah, we did it! We got Grandpa's coin back. I can finish my errand now. Hey, look at this! That Croco guy left a wallet! I'm going back to the shop at Mushroom Kingdom. Are you coming?"

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