KEY Mara

Mara as she appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Series Kirby series
First game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Year Created 2010
Created by Good-Feel,
HAL Laboratory
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Mara is a character in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. She is one of the residents that lives in the apartment complex in Quilty Square, and lives in apartment #302 after Kirby fills it with the right furniture. She is the last resident that comes to live in the apartments, but many think she has the most fun game. The game that she plays with the player is a race. She challenges the player to a race through part of a random level, and if the player gets to the end first, he wins. The races get harder and harder as the player beats them.

Unfortunately for the player racing Mara, she can fly. She tends to take a lot of shortcuts through little bits of the race that Kirby cannot take due to his inability to fly. She starts taking shortcuts more frequently when the levels start getting harder, increasing difficulty. During later levels, she also starts to get faster, and the Car transformation is the only way to actually go faster than her.

She does have one flaw, though, and that is her lack of stamina. While Kirby can keep going forever without stopping, Mara has to take little breathers every once in a while, costing her about three seconds each time. This is the only way for Kirby to catch up to her, due to her taking shortcuts.


Mara looks like a purple T-shirt, as she is a purple square with smaller squares on each side. There are two little pink patches inside the smaller squares, and she has two tiny legs. These legs are useless, as she flies everywhere and never even touches the ground. Mara also has a mouth, and two shiny eyes that are not made out of yarn.