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Marathon is a sixth event in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It takes place in Big Ben. This game is only suitable for Mario/Luigi/Tails/Sonic. When you are playing this game, the heroes line up and walk. They look for the station with bottle of water. They are thirsty, so you need to feed the character a bottle of water by pressing A Button. The white bottle of water gives you 1 point (5 points in other modes). The blue bottle of water gives you 3 points (10 points in other modes). At last, the rainbow-colored bottle of water gives the player 5 points (15 points in other modes). After catching the bottle, you need to repeat it by doing it 3 more times. There are 4 rounds in game, but if the white bottle of water is 5, the blue one is 10 and the rainbow-colored bottle of water is 15, there is only 1 round.


  • Grab bottle of water: Press A Button at the right time when the gray shade of the bottle's shadow reaches the bottle.

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