Marauding Mummy
Marauding mummy

Series Find Mii
Species Mummy
Related Species Rampaging Mummy

Shambling Mummy
Roaming Mummy

First game Find Mii II

Marauding Mummy is an enemy from Find Mii 2. They have red bandages and spiked hair. It is the strongest mummy in the normal quest (the Rampaging Mummy only appears in the Secret Quest).


  • At the beginning of the battle the Marauding Mummy will attempt to scare off the first hero in line, having a better chance of doing so than the other mummies.
  • Like other Mummies, they are weak to Red Magic.


Find Mii 2

  • Castle of Darkness - Courtyard, together with one Roaming Mummy

Find Mii 2, Secret Quest

  • Ransacked Ruins - East
  • Diabolical Altar - West, with one Roaming Mummy.
  • Shrine of Shadows - East, two at once.
  • Sealed Passage, with one Reaper General.
  • Castle of Darkness - Courtyard, with one Reaper Captain, icy room needs to be heated first.

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