Samus in Maridia

Maridia was an aquatic area of Zebes. It was once part of Brinstar, but it appears that some incident engulfed this area completely with water. It is teeming with marine life, and is a thriving underwater ecosystem. One part of Maridia is nearly overground, in cavernous formations that contain atmosphere and are overrun with marine plant life. However, the other area of Maridia is riddled with deadly quicksand trenches, and has more deadly creatures. There is also an underwater pirate outpost in the area. This region is home to Draygon and Botwoon. The area only appeared in Super Metroid.


  • 8 Missile Tanks
  • 3 Super Missiles
  • 2 Energy Tanks
  • 1 Reserve Tank
  • 1 Power Bomb Tank
  • Plasma Beam upgrade
  • Space Jump upgrade
  • Spring Ball upgrade



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