Marie is the one on the right.

Series Doctor Lautrec
First game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
Voiced by (English) (unknown)
Voiced by (Japanese) (unknown)
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Marie Behoise is a major character from Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. It is unknown what her role is.


Marie seems like a shy woman, who is very timid. When she is visiting Dr.Lautrec, she is being followed by a man who could've prepared her for it. She is fully aware that he is with her. At some point in the game, she joins Lautrec and Sophie in their investigations, even to Le Repaire. In one scene, she is seen jumping from the branches of a tree with a monkey who seems to be trained, showing her tomboyish side.


Marie resembles Princess Daisy in a lot of ways. She has a brown bob of hair that sticks out a lot, and blue eyes like Sophie's. When visiting the doctor, she wore a white hat with a red ribbon tied around it, and some sort of trench-coat dress that is red at the top and pinky-purple at the bottom. When she jumped from the trees, she was wearing an outfit similar to Sophie's, just orange, with an orange beret to match.


“Help me, Doctor Lautrec, please.”