First game Red Steel
Species Human
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Mariko is a character in Red Steel. She trains the main character Scott Monroe in swordplay. Mariko is also Otori's daughter.


When Scott Monroe arrives at Otori's Dojo and reveals the Katana Giri, he is welcomed inside. Otori allows Scott to use the dojo as a place to train and rest whenever needed. And Mariko agrees to train Scott in his sword skills. Scott returns many times throughout his missions to train with Mariko.

Later, Tokai's Komori ninjas attack the Dojo in search of the sword. Together, Scott and Otori fend off the ninjas but Mariko is severely injured, and the Komoris escape with the sword.

After recovering the Katana Giri, Scott visits Otori back at his dojo where he finds that Mariko had been poisoned in the battle at the dojo. Otori wants revenge.

Together, Scott and Otori head to Tokai's residence.

Multiple endings

  • The outcome of the final battle will determine whether Mariko dies or receives an antidote and lives.