Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters
Mario Early Years - Fun With Letters
Developer(s) Software Toolworks
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon
Genre(s) Educational
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Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters is an educational game for the SNES and MS-DOS, teaching the basics of English to children. It released on MS-DOS in 1993 and SNES in 1994. It was the predecessor to Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers.


The player plays as either Mario or Peach though the differences are merely cosmetic and then takes part in word-based games via choosing a world. Different worlds have different games though they all focus on using the Mouse to select the word that satisfies the condition.


  • First Letter World
  • Vowel World
  • Alphabet World
  • Sentence World
  • Building World
  • Sound World
  • Last Letter World