Mario Clash - Gameplay - WarioWare - Mega Microgames

Mario Clash is one of the microgames in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames that is found in the Nintendo Classics folder of microgames. This microgame appears to based off the game with the same name. The player must press A to throw the Koopa shell. Before playing the microgame, it will say THROW! on the middle of the screen. The player must get 20 points to complete this microgame. To lose this microgame, the player must miss the enemy when throwing the Koopa Shell.


In this microgame, Mario must throw a Koopa shell at either Spiny, Boo, or Paragoomba depending on the level. It if is level 1, Mario throws it at a Spiny. If it is level 1, Mario throws it at a Spiny. If it is level 2, he will throw it at a Boo, and if it is level 3, he will throw it at a Paragoomba.

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