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Mario Kart Wii Platinum Soundtrack is a Japanese Club Nintendo soundtrack for Mario Kart Wii. It has 43 tracks on one disc.

Track List

  1. Opening Movie
  2. Title Screen
  3. Options/License Management
  4. Main Menu
  5. Course Overview Fanfare
  6. Luigi Circuit/Mario Circuit
  7. Moo Moo Meadows
  8. Mushroom Gorge
  9. Toad's Factory
  10. Coconut Mall
  11. DK Summit 
  12. Wario's Gold Mine
  13. Daisy Circuit
  14. Koopa Cape
  15. Maple Treeway
  16. Grumble Volcano
  17. Dry Dry Ruins
  18. Moonview Highway
  19. Bowser's Castle
  20. Rainbow Road
  21. 1st Place Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)
  22. 2nd-5th Place Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)
  23. High Placement Results (Grand Prix & VS)
  24. 6th-12th Place Fanfare (Grand Prix & VS)
  25. Low Placement Results
  26. Block Plaza
  27. Delfino Pier
  28. Funky Stadium
  29. Chain Chomp Wheel (Chain Chomp Roulette in PAL regions)
  30. Thwomp Desert
  31. 1st Place in Team (Battle) / New Record (Time Trial) Fanfare
  32. Team Victory (Battle) / Record (Time Trial) Fanfare
  33. Draw Fanfare
  34. Team Victory (Battle) / Record (Time Trial) Results
  35. Team Defeat (Battle) / No Record (Time Trial) Fanfare
  36. Team Defeat (Battle) / No Record (Time Trial) Results
  37. Mario Kart Channel Menu
  38. Records
  39. Wi-Fi Menu
  40. Wi-Fi Match/Ghost Replay
  41. Award Ceremony
  42. Staff Credits A
  43. Staff Credits B

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