The Mario Party Series was first created in 1998 by Hudson. The game gradually added more playable characters. And they also continue to add more innovation such as a mic, and 8 P. mode in the games. After Hudson went bankrupt and was bought out by Konami, Nd Cube took over the franchise in addition to absorbing many of the former developers


  • Mario Party - First game in the series. Released 1998.
  • Mario Party 2 - added new clothes to the characters. Released 1999.
  • Mario Party 3 - added Waluigi and Daisy as new characters. Released 2000.
  • Mario Party 4 - Last Mario Party game with DK as a playable character. Released 2002.
  • Mario Party 5 - Added Toad, Boo, and Koopa Kid as new characters. Released 2003.
  • Mario Party -e - First handheld Mario Party. Released 2003.
  • Mario Party 6 - Added Toadette as new character. Added Mic minigames. Released 2004.
  • Mario Party 7 - Added Dry Bones and Birdo as new characters, added 8 Player mode. Released 2005.
  • Mario Party Advance - Added E. Gadd inventions. Released 2005.
  • Mario Party 8 - Added Hammer Brothers and Blooper to the cast of characters. First Wii Mario Party game. Released 2007.
  • Mario Party DS - Three types of Mini Games (Mic,Touch and Buttons). Released 2007.
  • Mario Party 9 - Added Koopa Troopa,  Shy Guy, and Kamek as  new characters. Announced at E3 2011. Released 2012.
  • Mario Party: Island Tour-Like Mario Party 9, the board is a straight path. Includes several minigames utilizing the 3DS's microphone, AR functionality and gyroscope. Released 2013 (2014 Europe and Japan)
  • Mario Party 10 - There is now a special Bowser mode where the 5th player chases the players, trying to eliminate their hit points. Several new minigames, including Bowser minigames that heavily use the Wii U gamepad. Still plays like 9. Supports Amiibo. Announced at E3 2014, released in 2015.
  • Mario Party Star Rush - You start with colored toads and it's always turn and you can collect characters you can use. Released in 2016.


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