Mario Power Tennis
Mario Power Tennis (GC) (NA)
North American GameCube box art
Developer(s) Camelot Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube platform icon
Genre(s) Tennis

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01USK 0  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Mario Power Tennis (JP) is the fourth installment in the overly popular Mario Tennis series. Currently, the game features more characters than any other in the series, featuring old favorites as well as new ones. However, some popular characters such as Toad and Birdo weren't in the game, though it has been suggested that Toad was originally going to be a playable character by his appearance in the beginning movie (on the score boards it showed both Toad and Toadette).

While previous entries in the series leaned on a more serious note, this game tends to be quite crazy by including insane obstacles and power shots, as well as more Mario themed things such as a Gooper Blooper boss and so forth. This game was later made into a New Play Control! game for the Wii.


When players play the game, the movie will automatically show up. Mario smashes the ball with his tennis racket so hard that his rivals Wario and Waluigi fail to serve it. Mario and his teammate Luigi win the match and celebrate while the opposing team loses and gets really frustrated. Next day, Wario and Waluigi walk to the Peach Dome to check the tournament board. Suddenly, they went furious when they got eliminated from tournament (their icon appears black and white with X drawn on it). Waluigi vandalized Luigi's icon with green pen while Wario made a negative change to Mario's icon with red pen. When they have finished vandalizing Mario & Luigi's icon, they got chased and caught by strange, weird-looking police officers. Wario and Waluigi managed to escape by going through a secret door to Bowser's room, not realizing that there is no floor. When they fell, all they saw is nothing but darkness, Bowser and his monitors. Bowser turned the light switch on and decided to help them defeat their opponents by training. After busy training and watching other characters play an official normal game of tennis, Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser makes a dastardly plan to delay the tournament finals and create tons of mischief. When tournament finals (Mario + Luigi vs. Yoshi + Donkey Kong) starts to begin, Bowser replaces Yoshi + DK image with Wario and Waluigi. The game's main antagonists start throwing a giant supply of Bob-ombs at the game's main protagonists, though Mario and Luigi manage to thwart them by serving Bob-ombs back at them. Bowser, hoping he is able to defeat Mario + Luigi, launches a Bullet Bill at them, but Mario still manages to serve it, creating a large explosion. But Bowser reveals that his airship had really huge supply of Bob-ombs, and throws them at Mario and Luigi. Mario serves the Bob-omb directly at the airship. The airship swallows it, but it starts to burn, making the airship get haywire. Wario and Waluigi starts to get doomed, being chased by the airship because Bowser is unable to control his airship. The airship gets broken and it creates an unbelievably huge white atomic blast, thus foiling the game's main antagonists' plan by 100%. The stadium, however, is not harmed, luckily. Wario, Bowser and Waluigi collapse after the great incident at Peach Dome. The movie can be seen below:

Types of shots

Players can use different types of shots depending on the situation or their opponents' location.  


  • Topspin: The topspin shot can be activated by flicking the Wii Remote from the lower right to upper left. Topspin adds a forwards spin, making the ball travel through the opponent's court quickly and allow the ball to bounce high. Topspin shots have an orange trail behind them.
  • Slice: The slice shot can be activated by flicking the Wii Remote from the upper right to lower left, which will add backspin and backwards spin to the shot. It is complete opposite of topspin, traveling slowly and bounce low. Slice shots have a blue trail behind them.
  • Flat: The flat shot can be activated by flicking the Wii Remote from right to left horizontally. The ball will travel quickly, but will bounce low. Flat shots have lime-green trail behind them.
  • Smash: If the oppenent activates a lob (see below), a star will appear on the court. Move to the star and flick the Wii Remote downwards (from top to bottom in a straight line) to make a smash shot. Smash shots are very fast, making the opponent have hard time serving it, and serving the smash shots requires lunging at the right time. Smash shots have a purple trail behind them.
  • Lob: If the opponent is very close to the net, activate a lob shot by flicking the Wii Remote upwards (from bottom to top in a straight line). Lob shots fly extremely high and travel the furthest, and technical characters are especially skilled at activating lob shots.
  • Drop: If the opponent is far away from the net, activate a drop shot by flicking the Wii Remite downwards (from top to bottom in a straight line) to catch them off-guard. Drop shots are complete opposite of lob shots, and travel very slowly and has a very low path. They are the most weakest shots in the game.

Power shots

Power shots can only be activated if the power gauge is full (if the power gauge is full, it will turn red and the flame will appear above the power gauge). Power controls may differ depending on the control style, which can be accessed by clicking 'Options' on main menu.

  • Offensive: (Easy): The power shot will automatically be used at players' next hit if the power gauge is full and if the character is very close to the ball. (Normal): If the power gauge is full, hold A Button and flick Wii Remote. The type of Power Shot, however, will automatically be determined. (Technical/Manual): If the power gauge is full, hold A Button and flick the Wii Remote. The type of Power Shot will be determined manually.
  • Defensive: (Easy): The power shot will automatically be used at player's next hit if the power gauge is full and if the character is far away from the ball. (Normal): If the power gauge is full, hold B Button and flick the Wii Remote. The type of Power Shot, however, will automatically be determined. (Technical/Manual): If the power gauge is full, hold B Button and flick the Wii Remote. The type of Power Shot will be determined manually.

Note: The controls shown are only for Wii version.



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Unlockable participants

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Gameplay & game modes

The game is based off a normal match of tennis game, except the game is filled with madness and craziness with insane obstacles and Power Shots. There are 6 modes for the game.


Players can play a normal fresh game of tennis. They can set up rules and conditions for the game, for e.g. singles or doubles, choose a court, choose game difficulty, and/or even turn Power Shots on/off, and change amount of games or sets.

Standard court

These are courts that have no gimmicks, and are most recommended for beginners.

Gimmick court

Most courts are gimmick courts. They have crazy obstacles which can affect players either mildly or severely, depending on appearance of court and it's difficulty. Most gimmick courts are available at start, there are 2 that needs to be unlocked.

Ring Shot

Players score points by hitting the ball through the rings that appear randomly in this mode. A CHARGE total will appear next to characters' icons. Large rings worth small points while small rings worth more points. At the end of the match, the player or the pair with more points than their oppenent is the winner.

Item Battle

This mode is just simply like a regular tennis game - except it has item boxes for more craziness and fun! Item boxes will appear above the net, if hit will unleash a random item which will either help players or interfere opponents, much like Mario Kart series, except the item given is completely random and does not depend on players' progress. The list below shows a list of items:

  • Green Shell: 3 shells will zoom out in straight lines separately. If they hit someone, they will lose balance and struggle to concentrate.
  • Red Shell: A red shell will chase opponents, making it more difficult for opponents to avoid it. If someone gets hit, it will have same effect that a green shell makes if it comes in contact with someone.
  • Mushroom: A mushroom will make players increase their speed, but not for long.
  • Banana: A banana will act like a hazard. It will slip anyone and will make them unable to concentrate if they step on it.
  • Star: A sparkling star makes players invincible and invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Lightning: A lightning will strike and interfere opponents severely and shrinks them. Victims will also get weaker and slower, and their stature will decreased, but not for a long time.


Players can enter a Mario Power Tennis competition and beat opponents to win a trophy cup. As players progress, the opponents' skill will increase, which will also increase the match's difficulty. There are 3 competitions:

World Open

  • Mushroom Cup
  • Flower Cup
  • Star Cup

​Gimmick Masters

  • Fire Cup
  • Thunder Cup

Star Tournament

The Star tournament mode is simply a harder and more trickier version of World Open.

  • Rainbow Cup
  • Moonlight Cup
  • Planet Cup

Special Games

These are special games based of tennis. Each court has different rules. There are 2 unlockable special games, which can be unlocked by unlocking unlockable courts.

  • Artist on the Court: Hit paint balls against the giant wall murals. How fast can you finish each masterpiece?
  • Terror TennisSlam the goofy ghosts to seal them within the confines of their portraits. Didn't Luigi already take care of these ghosts?
  • Tic-Tac-Glow: Hit balls of water into the opposite court to clear away piles of sludge and free Shine Sprites. Hit 3 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to free extra Shine Sprites and earn bonus points.
  • Chain-Chomp ChallengeFeed the Chain Chomp tennis balls to score points, but watch out! The Chain Chomps may not like it if you hit them with something other than a standard ball!
  • Gooper Blooper Volley: Return every shot that Gooper Blooper sends your way, but be careful! You can't hit balls into areas marked with an X!
  • Balloon Panic: Players must prevent Klaptraps from popping the balloons.
  • Mecha-Bowser Mayhem: Players must face against Mecha Bowser and beat him.
  • Coin Collectors: Players must collect as much as coins as possible while avoiding dangerous fireballs.


Players can continue a previously saved game. The game contain a maximum of 3 save files.


Players can view all of the records and game types played.


Players can adjust the game, for e.g. sound, rumble and control style. Players can also delete the game, however extra care must be taken since the deleted data cannot be recovered.


There are 8 courts (6 available from start).


  • Peach Dome - Presented for your pleasure by Her Royal Highness, Princess Peach.



  • Bowser's Castle - A court that can tilt, making it extra difficult for players to move or stay in place.
  • Mario Classic - A court that uses video game graphics from 1980s. Enemies walking act like a hazard.


  • The credits show a movie similar to that of an opening movie.


Mario Power Tennis Intro

Mario Power Tennis Intro

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