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Mario vs. Donkey Kong-e
Developer(s) NST
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) E-Reader platform icon
Genre(s) Puzzle
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Mario vs. Donkey Kong-e is an e-Reader video game released in 2004. There were five cards released, and they were only given to 1,000 people who competed in a competition in Japan. The game was not made available in America. Each card, when scanned, would give the player an extra level in the Game Boy Advance video game Mario vs. Donkey Kong. While there were 12 spaces available, Nintendo only released five levels.


The following are the cards, the character on the cover of the card, the color of the card, and the type of stage that becomes available once you scan the card.

  • Card 1 - Mario with key, orange, standard stage.
  • Card 2 - Mario on rope, blue, jungle stage.
  • Card 3 - Donkey Kong, purple, castle stage.
  • Card 4 - Mini Mario sitting down, red, jungle stage.
  • Card 5 - Mini Mario standing up, yellow, night stage.

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