Masafumi Kawamura
Masafumi Kawamura
Company Nintendo (since 1998)
Current Position Sound Programmer
First game Pocket Monsters Stadium
Latest game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Masafumi Kawamura is a Nintendo sound programmer who has worked mostly on several The Legend of Zelda titles. He has been involved mostly on the Nintendo EAD Kyoto branch, although he worked for a while on EAD Tokyo with titles like Super Mario Galaxy. He also arranged several songs for Pokémon Stadium.

Production History

Special Thanks

Song Credits

Pokémon Stadium

  • World of Pokémon - Intro -- Composition (w/Junichi Masuda), Arrangement
  • World of Pokémon -- Arrangement
  • On my Way -- Arrangement
  • Trading Machine -- Arrangement
  • Ready to Rumble -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Mini Games -- Arrangement
  • Fanfare -- Composition (w/Junichi Masuda), Arrangement
  • I Choose You! -- Arrangement
  • Free Battle -- Arrangement
  • Gym Leader Castle 1 -- Composition (w/Junichi Masuda), Arrangement
  • Gym Leader Castle 2 -- Arrangement
  • Victory -- Composition (w/Junichi Masuda), Arrangement
  • Snore Wars -- Composition & Arrangement