Mass Media, Inc. was a California corporation established to design and produce entertainment software.


The core group of Mass Media came together in the late 1980's at Cinemaware. Cinemaware is often credited with creating a new genre of computer gaming known as Interactive Films. In 1991 this group formed a production unit called Philips P.O.V. Entertainment Group for Philips Media. Over a four year period, Philips P.O.V. created 11 titles for Philips Media.

Mass Media left Philips in 1995 to be an exclusive developer for Time Warner Interactive. Following the break up of Time Warner Interactive, Mass Media became an independent developer until it was acquired by THQ in February 2007. THQ eventually closed the studio in November 2008.

Mass Media, Inc. changed into an independent developer and is currently focused on developing for the Sony platforms, including the PlayStation 3. The company is located in Moorpark, California.


Note that there will be games that have appeared on Nintendo systems only.

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