Master Lobber (マスター • ロブ (Masutā• robu) in Japanese) is not only a hidden boss of The Legendary Starfy, but it is his alternate form of Old Man Lobber.


Master Lobber has a number of attacks:

  • Master Lobber will attack Starfy where he is staying on. Starfy cannot hit him when he's doing it.
  • If Master Lobber has five health points disappeared, he moves into the middle of the room. He'll shoot either magic (such as spheres or shurikens) at Starfy.
  • If Master Lobber has two or one health point remaining, he will turn gold. Master Lobber is invisible when performing. This attack will cause an instant death and a Game Over if Starfy crashes into him. In order to dodge this move, Starfy will need to perform a Turbo Swim. This is a very hard move to avoid, unlike all other bosses. If Master Lobber is defeated, the game will know depending on the time Starfy took to battle.