Armored Armadillo

Armored Armadillo, a Maverick in Mega Man X.

Mavericks (Irregular in Japan) are rebellious Reploids that serve as the main characters and antagonists of the Mega Man X series and Mega Man Zero series. They are under the forces with Sigma.

List of Mavericks

Mega Man X

Chill Penguin Spark Mandrill Armored Armadillo Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwanger Sting Chameleon Storm Eagle Flame Mammoth

Mega Man X2

Wheel Gator Bubble Crab Flame Stag Morph Moth
Magna Centipede Crystal Snail Overdrive Ostrich Wire Sponge

Mega Man X3

Toxic Seahorse Tunnel Rhino Volt Catfish Crush Crawfish
Neon Tiger Gravity Beetle Blast Hornet Blizzard Buffalo

Mega Man X Collection

Mega Man X4

Web Spider Split Mushroom Cyber Peacock Storm Owl
Magma Dragoon Frost Walrus Jet Stingray Slash Beast

Mega Man X5

Grizzly Slash Duff McWhalen The Skiver Axle the Red
Izzy Glow Squid Adler Dark Dizzy Mattrex

Mega Man X6

Commander Yammark Ground Scaravich Rainy Turtloid Shield Sheldon
Metal Shark Player Infinity Mijinion Blizzard Wolfang Blaze Heatnix

Also See

  • Robot Master - A similar type of boss in the classic Mega Man series.

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