Mech Platoon
European box art
Developer(s) Will
Publisher(s) Kemco (NA & EU)
Kotobuki System (JP)
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance platform icon
Genre(s) Real-time strategy

03ESRB - E 

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Mech Platoon is a Game Boy Advance video game and the first real-time strategy video game for the handheld. It was developed by Kemco and followed previous titles in the genre such as Warlocked and Starcraft 64. It was released early on in the console's life span.


In the game, you're required to choose one of three armies including Leon, Minos or Trampler. Each army obviously have different pros and cons, and altering plans as well. Their goal is simple on paper yet challenging to execute - rule the universe. Of course to do so you'll have to wage battle on various other armies who have a similar wish. In order to fulfill your desires you'll not only fight other armies, though you'll construct machines and facilities, harvest, and come in possession of a variety of items.

Each machine, or mech, have a total of four categories each including attack power, defensive power, move skills and attack range, whose names are often shortened as abbreviations. The Labor units don't feature these four categories, but will rather repair things, harvest resources, and other similar activities. Resources include the likes of material rock, energy sand and laser crystal, each with their own distinct appearance.

While moving the mechs, you'll be able to alternate in between them by using the L and R buttons. The mechs are very stupid, and will become trapped very easily.


Nintendo Power gave the game positive scores in their 152nd issue. Two of the five reviewers gave the game a 4.5/5 while the other three gave the game a 3.5/5. They noted that the game was geared towards more experienced gamers who wanted something a bit more challenging than Advance Wars, which was also released on the console (which was welcomed to better praise than this title). In the end of the review they say that the game is "perfect for the hard-core strategy pro", not being nearly as pick up and play as Advance Wars, which at the same time is of a different genre (the tactical RPG).