Game Chrono Trigger
Era 1000 A.D.
Location Eastern continent
Points of interest Medina Square
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Medina is a town in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. It exists in 1000 A.D. and is inhabited by monsters calling themselves Mystics. The Mystics worship Magus who vowed 400 years earlier to obliterate the human race.

Medina is located on the central portion of the Eastern continent of the World Map. The Forest Ruins are located to the north and Melchior's Hut is located further west.

A shrine of Magus stands in Medina Square where the Mystics worship him.


The Village of Magic

After acquiring their magic powers in The End of Time, Crono and his party return to 1000 A.D. only to find themselves on the Eastern continent that is inhabited by human-hating monsters calling themselves Mystics.

In talking to the monsters living in Medina, Crono and his party find out that Magus summoned the destructive entity Lavos back in 600 A.D. to destroy humanity. They then decided they had to head back to the Middle Ages and stop Magus.

Tata and the Frog

Now on a mission to repair the Masamune after acquiring the broken pieces, Crono and his party return to Medina in order to find Melchior.

The Rare Red Rock

After speaking to Melchior, Crono and his party leave Medina and head for the Prehistoric Era in search of the red mineral needed to repair the Masamune.

The Masamune!

Crono's party travels through Medina on their way to Melchior's Hut hut so he can repair the Masamune.


Location Description
Elder's House The Elder's House is where Crono and his party find Ozzie VIII.
Market The Market is where Crono can talk to the Mystics.
Medina Inn Medina Inn is where Crono can talk to the Mystics.
Medina Square Medina Square is where Crono finds a shrine dedicated to Magus.
Residence The Residence is where a Time Gate is located.

People and Enemies

There are no enemies in Medina. The following is a list of important characters the player will encounter.

People Enemies

Ozzie VIII