Mekanos is an island mentioned by Bramble was once a beautiful island filled with plant life and animals located in center of Northern Kremisphere.


After Crocodile Isle was destroyed, Kremlings remnants invaded the Northern Kremisphere seeking asylum building an industry that island without leader for months until KAOS appear. Different from Kremkroc Industries Inc., the industries of Mekanos is completely vile because of deforestation, molten steel cauldrons in factories, pipelines and dam separating the central lake from the island's sea. These industries was protected for robots like-owls called Karbines on first factory and scary-looking Krem Co. factory was KAOS' lair.


During the events of the third game, Dixie and Kiddy face the forced security of entire industry to confront with new master of Kremling Krew. After KAOS is defeated and all of factories devices are shut down, the Flupperius Petallus Pongus can develop in a dead-end corner near his house it before was prevented by industries smoke. This island was visited again after Kongs brings Bazooka the Bowling Ball received from Blue to use it as ammunition for the cannon Big Bessie shooting the Kongs into a secret Banana Bird cave that is suspended on a crane.



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