Merlee Super Paper Mario

Merlee as he appears in Super Paper Mario
Series Paper Mario series
First game Paper Mario
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Merlee is a charmer and is a rival of Merluvlee. in Super Paper Mario, she used to live in Merlee's Mansion, but she moved to Flopside. She has a guard pet named Gnaw. You can buy charms from her in Flopside, and if you completed the Piccolo quest, she'll let you get 1 free charm package. In the end of the game, she really hires Mimi to be her maid this time. She rarely uses her mansion anymore. She always talks in rhyme.


Paper Mario

Merlee helping Mario using your power from Mario defeating enemies.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Merlee appear again in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door in Merlee's House.

Super Paper Mario

Merlee appear in Super Paper Mario in the boss level of Merlee's Mansion.

Paper Mario 3DS

Merlee appearing in Paper Mario 3DS in the boss level in Merlee's Castle. Mimi kidnaped Merlee from receiving Rubees.