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MetalGreymon (Virus)
Series Digimon (series)
Created by Akiyoshi Hongo
Year Created 1997
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 MetalGreymon is a ultimate level Digimon that is very strong. It is usually a result from a digivolution of a Greymon gone wrong.

Nintendo Games

Digimon Virtual Pet

MetalGreymon (Virus) is an ultimate level that digivolves from AirdramonDevimon and Greymon. To get him take well
8-bit MetalGreymon
care of your champion, and fight in 15 or more battles and have a winning ratio of at least 80 percent. It is Greymon's Ultimate form.

Digimon World Championship

MetalGreymon (Virus) can digivolve from Greymon with 30 Vaccine AP and 8 Battles, Growlmon with 40 Virus AP or DarkTyrannomon with 8 battles and 40 Dragon AP, and will digivolve to BlackWarGreymon with 14 battles, with 50% won, 60 Dragon AP and an Egg Revert.


  • Giga Blaster (Giga Destroyer): Fires missiles from the hatch on part of its chest.
  • Mega Claw (Trident Arm): Launches its tethered metal claw off its arm to slash or wrap up enemies.
  • Metal Slash: Slashes with its claw.
  • Flame of Fury (Revenge Flame): Unleashes a wave of fire from its claw.
  • Booster Claw

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