These are the credits to the game Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge.

Creative Staff


Gumpei Yokoi

Director / Main Graphic Design

Toshitaka Muramatsu

Program Creators

ST System Program / CP Program

Toshihiro Nishii

System Program / BG Program

Osamu Yamauchi

ST Program /Shot Program / Ending Sequence

Kouichi Abe

Training Director / ST Program / BG Program

Toshiaki Yonezawa

CP Program / Message Program

Tohru Narihiro

ST Program

Shinya Yamamoto

Manabu Shimada

Graphic Creators

ST Design / Pilot Design

Naotaka Ohnishi

BG Design

Gou Matsuda

Title Design Director

Mary Cocoma

Sound Creators

Chief Sound Composer

Yuka Tsujiyoko

Sound Program/ Sound Effects/ Sound Composer

Kenichi Nishimaki

Sound Composer / Sound Program

Masaya Kuzume

Voice Sample Staff

Sample Engineer

Rob Donker

Vocal Talent

Kris Wakida

Sherrie Jolliffe

Mike Kelbaugh

Robin Krouse

Kim Maginnis

Melinda Porter

Jill Peterson

Stacey Peterson

Rola's Scream

Stacey Peterson

And Special Creators

Super Advisor / Concept Design / Vocal Talent

Phil Sandhop

Super Advisor

Masao Yamamoto


Keiko Tamura

Special Thanks To

R. Kitanishi

K. Ikuno

S. Kaga

T. Nakamura

T. Izushi

M. Sakashita

K. Nakamura

Dan Owsen

K. Koya

K. Yamada

T. Kazetoh

H. Nogami

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