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Metal Shark Player

Metal Shark Player (or Metalshark Prayer in Japanese) is a hammerhead shark-based Reploid created by Gate in Mega Man X Collection. He is designed to work as a member of a research recycling team.


Stage Information

Metal Shark Player is considered the toughest stage in the entire Mega Man franchise. There are lots of information about his stage:

  • Most of the stage has conveyor belts. There are lots of blocks that are on conveyor belts. If they hit Mega Man X or Zero in a wall, they can smash him and kill him instantly.
  • Like in Dust Man's stage in Mega Man 4, the ceiling is used for the entire stage and can crush the player instantly.
  • There are also spikes in the stage, which acts normal in the other Mega Man series and can kill X or Zero instantly.


  • First, Metal Shark Player will begin to dive and this attack is easy to avoid.
  • Next, Player will try to land on X or Zero by diving into him.
  • In his second phase, he'll throw his Metal Anchor and summon three indestructible Mavericks:
    • Sting Chameleon can either lash his tongue, reappear, disappear, etc. and repeats the pattern again.
    • Magna Centipede fires three shurikens at X or Zero.
    • Blast Hornet will also appear. He fires three Parasitic Bombs at the player. Destroying one causes a second set.


  • Metal Shark Player is one of the bosses to tell Zero to "shut up and fight". The other is Frost Walrus.
  • Metal Shark Player's name is a mistranslation from R & L being identical in Japanese. His name should be Prayer, as the joke that he deals with reseurrection and thus, "prays".

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