These are the credits to Metroid Prime Hunters.

Nintendo Software Technology

Design Department

Game Director

Single-Player Game Design / Story

Wi-Fi Design / Project Coordination

Project Coordination

Programming Department

Technical Programming Lead

Programming Lead / Multiplayer Design

Artificial Intelligence Programming

Enemy Programming

Audio Programming

Network / Multiplayer Programming

Additional Programming

Art Department

Art Director / Multiplayer Design

Special Effects

Environment Lead

Environment Art / Multiplayer Design

Environment Art

Environment / Game Objects

Character Modeling / Animation Lead

Character Modeling / Animation

User Interface Design / Art

Promotional Art / Package Design

In-Game Camera Sequences

Tools Department

Tools Lead

World Editor Tool

Menu Tool

Sound Design/Music/ Voice


Special Thanks

Nintendo Company. Ltd

Executive Producer



Sound Supervisor

Storyboard Art

Development Environment Support

Illustration Art / Title Logotype Design


Special Thanks

Nintendo of Europe


Testing Coordinator

Testing Team

NOE Wi-Fi Team

German Translation

French Translation

Spanish Translation

Italian Translation

Nintendo of Korea Co., Ltd.

Korean Localization


Korean Localization Management

Product Support


Nintendo of America Inc.

Senior Product Specialists

Vice President, Engineering

Director of Product Testing

Product Testing Sr. Manager

Product Testing Manager

Product Testing Supervisors

Bilingual Product Tester

Text Editing

Product Testing

Senior Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Communications Coordinators

Special Thanks