Michael Kelbaugh
Michael kelbaugh
Company Retro Studios
Current Position President
First game Donkey Kong Country
Latest game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Michael Kelbaugh is the current president of Retro Studios in Austin, Texas. Prior to this he worked at Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington. Typically not partaking in a creative role in the development of titles, Michael Kelbaugh is usually a producer. The first game he is credited as working on is Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge, which he provided voice samples for, though he had worked on many video games before that, being the first playtester Nintendo hired in America in 1988. Following this he would work on many classic franchises including the Donkey Kong Country and Golden Sun series where he playtested and debugged titles. After Nintendo fired Jeff Spangenberg from Nintendo, NoA sent Michael Kelbaugh to Texas to become the president. Many employees threatened to quit the company because of this move, but Kelbaugh insisted that they wait a few weeks just to see, and if they still weren't satisfied, to leave. By the end of the few weeks, not a single employee left.

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