Micro Machines
Micro Machines NES
North American NES box art
Developer(s) Codemasters (NES),
Aladdin (NES),
Merit Studios (SNES),
Mindscape (GB),
Infogrames (GBC),
Paragon 5 (GBA)
Publisher(s) Camerica (NES, NA),
Codemasters (NES, EU),
Ocean Software (SNES & GB),
Infogrames (GC),
Atari, SA (GC, NA & GBA)
Platform(s) NES platform icon Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon Game Boy platform icon Nintendo GameCube platform icon Game Boy Advance platform icon
Genre(s) Racing

 03USK rating 0 (1994) 

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Micro Machines

A screenshot of this game.

Micro Machines was a video game released on a large variety of Nintendo consoles, with the game being released on no less than five consoles that include Nintendo Entertainment System and its Super Nintendo Entertainment System counterpart, and was also released on Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and GameCube. The game was based on the popular toyline of the same name.


Various different races involving small toy cars were provided, including speedboat and car racing.


The Micro Machines logo is displayed throughout the menus, but the cars themselves do not resemble the original toys.


  Main article: Micro Machines/gallery

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