Micro Goomba

Micro Goombas as seen in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Series Mario
First game Super Mario Bros. 3
Species Goomba
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Micro Goombas are enemies in the Mario series with the particularity of being a very small species of Goomba.


Super Mario Bros. 3

Though they aren't powerful enough to harm Mario or Luigi, a whole bunch of them will latch onto him, making him go slower, thus giving enemies a better chance of harming them.

New Super Mario Bros.

The Micro Goomba also appears in New Super Mario Bros. They can only be found by turning mini in this game, and they can harm them.

Super Princess Peach

Micro Goombas later reappeared in Super Princess Peach acting like before. Using the Joy Vibe will shake off the Goombas. They only dropped by Paragoombas. Red Paragoombas, Sad Paragoombas and Mad Red Paragoombas never drop them.

Super Mario Galaxy

In both games, Micro Goombas make a new appearance. They look like normal Goombas but have a yellow tinge and their bodies are smaller. They make for simpler enemies that Goombas, with them being able to be killed with just a spin. However, they only yield regardless of how they are defeated.

Super Mario 3D World

The Super Mario 3D World incarnation are keeping their appearance from the New Super Mario Bros. games, being smaller Goombas. These Goombas can harm the player on contact, but they can be dealt with by blowing into the mic or ground pounding nearby to blow them away or tapping on the Gamepad screen,

Super Mario Odyssey

Micro Goombas reappeared in Super Mario Odyssey, but only Yellow Micro Goombas appeared in this game, making the Yellow Micro Goomba a new variant of the Micro Goomba. They are unable to be captured, and Appear in most kingdoms. They also can attack Mario, unlike Super Mario Bros. 3.


  • Micro Goombas get their name from the words micro and goomba.