Midbus as he is seen in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Series Mario & Luigi series
First game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Year Created 2009
Created by AlphaDream
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Midbus is a unintelligent pig-like boss that is Fawful's minion in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story who wants to conquer his own kingdom. He guards Bowser's Castle in this game as Fawful wants him to and fights Bowser three times in the game with the locations being in Cavi Cape, Bowser's Castle, and Peach's Castle. In Peach's Castle, Fawful turns Midbus into Blizzard Midbus to fight.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Midbus marks his first and latest appearance in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as one of the main bosses that Bowser fights throughout the game. When Bowser meets Midbus for the first time, Fawful sends Midbus to battle Bowser and Fawful tells Midbus how Bowser attacks and Bowser and Midbus fight until Midbus uses a body slam attack on Bowser and Bowser states that he doesn't feel well and he can't win like this, due to the effects of the Lucky Shroom that Fawful gave to Bowser at the beginning of the game.

Later when Fawful gets to Bowser's Castle, he puts Midbus in charge of it and with most of Bowser's minions which were brainwashed by Fawful located there and when Bowser approaches his castle, in Dimble Wood, it crushes him and Bowser turns huge after Mario and Luigi spike and spark his energy in his Rump Command, Bowser turns huge and fights his own castle along with most with his brainwashed minions in the castle which Midbus sends out to attack Bowser. After Bowser defeats his own castle, it is moved back to its original location. When Bowser comes near his castle again, two brainwashed Goombas alert Midbus that Bowser is coming so Midbus makes the castle fly up and throws a giant iron ball on Bowser and he manages to throw it back to his castle, due to Mario and Luigi's help in his Arm Center so that Bowser's muscles power up and Bowser manages to throw it at his castle and prevents the castle from moving further.

When Bowser enters his castle, he sees that it was completely changed by Fawful and also sees an auditorium with a stage at the end of it. When Bowser watches the show along with his brainwashed minions, Fawful states that the special guest is Bowser and Bowser flies off his Koopa King seat, into the air and onto the stage. There Fawful drops a cage on Midbus and Bowser and they fight.

The second time when Bowser fights Midbus, he is tougher and has more attacks and there are also cheering minions in the background on when Bowser or Midbus attacks either one another and throw coins to Bowser or Midbus, depending on who attacked and food to Midbus for him to eat so he can heal. Bowser can inhale the food and restore his HP and make his attack rise when he sucks it in his body. Every food Bowser inhales makes him restore 10 HP, except for the drumsticks which make him get 50 HP back. Midbus's moves contain of a body slam move which he also uses at the beginning of the game on where he bounces on his belly three times and either lands on Bowser or next to him and Bowser must hide inside his shell if it is on him and punch if it is next to him or Bowser will deal damage by the shockwaves Midbus produces or fly upside down in the air and back onto the ground and possibly get confused, due to being hit so hard. Midbus also attacks by using a chain ball and Bowser must hide inside of his shell for this attack and must punch the chain ball if Midbus throws it at him or duck inside his shell if Midbus throws it high and this move may also confuse Bowser. His last attack contains of him using all of his energy to give Bowser one gigantic punch and Bowser must stop him from attacking him by rapidly punching his belly. After Bowser defeats Midbus again, Bowser will be awarded with a giant meal which Fawful and Bowser's brainwashed minions trick him into getting stuck into the floor. Later in the game, Fawful and Midbus see Bowser being stuck and use a treadmill to not make him fat anymore.

The only time when Starlow, Mario, and Luigi meet up with Midbus is out of Princess Peach's Castle where Midbus uses a controller to put together a trash monster called Junker on whom Mario and Luigi fight. After defeating Junker, Midbus goes back into Princess Peach's Castle inside another part of it and Mario and Luigi then can rescue Bowser who is knocked out.

The last time when Bowser meets up with Midbus is when he goes to the top room of Princess Peach's castle and sees that Princess Peach is being used to awaken the Dark Star and Fawful powers Midbus up with a controller and changes him into Blizzard Midbus. After Midbus is defeated in his ice form, he will spray frozen mist out of his nostrils and Bowser inhales it, due to having pain in his chest and allowing the Dark Star to eat his DNA and Mario, Luigi, and Starlow must go the Airway in Bowser's body which they will see that is frozen and must advance through this area to get to the Dark Star.


1st battle

Level 9
HP 95
Power 30
Defense 34
Speed 14
Weakness None
Experience given 75
Coins given 0
Item Drop None
No Hitter None

2nd battle

Level 21
HP 950
Power 110
Defense 76
Speed 21
Weakness None
Experience given 550
Coins given 300
Item Drop Fiery Drumstick (100%)
No Hitter None



  • Midbus's name is a pun on the phrase "Mid boss"
  • Midbus is the only Mario RPG series antagonist that Mario doesn't fight, instead he fights Bowser.
  • Midbus appears to be a hybrid of a warthog and an armadillo.
  • Midbus calls Junker, Super Ultra Mega Trashy Monster Junker Bot, suggesting that he has a bad habit of giving his inventions overly long names.

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