Mido sitting cross legged.

This article is about the character in Ocarina of Time, for the town in The Adventure of Link, go to Mido (town).

Mido is a character found in the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is a member of the Kokiri and is noticeably jealous of the game's protagonist Link. In the game, he guards the entrance to the Great Deku Tree, and won't give Link access to him until he comes in possession of a sword and shield, the former of which can be found within a cave and the latter within a shop.

After the Great Deku Tree died because of Ganondorf's curse, Mido blamed Link because he was with the tree when he died. However, after seven years passed Mido forgot all about the incident. In fact, Mido even forgot about Link, but quickly realizes that he must know Saria after playing her song in front of him. Mido did not realize adult Link was young Link, he asks that if Adult Link ever sees 'Link' again; to apologize on his behalf.