A picture of Miguel's plane

Miguel is a character found in Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort. He is found exclusively in the Air Sports game Island Flyover. In the game, he'll fly around Wuhu Island on his plane, visiting major Wuhu Island landmarks. The point of the character is to so that the player can follow him as he'll go near landmarks that the player may've missed. If the player has a hard time finding Miguel, they can shoot off a flare by pressing the 1 button on the Wii Remote. Following this, Miguel will shoot off one of his flares, which will allow you to know his general area. His flare is more visible when playing at night. If the player follows Miguel for a combined three minutes in one run, they will acquire the stamp Follow That Plane, which is officially described as:

"Follow Miguel's guide plane around the island for at least three minutes. Watch the smoke trail left by Miguel's plane. It changes color while you are following him. If you can't find him, try firing a flare."

It should be noted that Miguel has an "i" spot on his plane, with the blurb explaining that he'll send you to various points on Wuhu Island. It should be noted that Miguel never leaves Wuhu Island to visit the various other islands on the map such as Wedge Island.

Miguel also appears as an opponent in swordplay.