Mika Nozaki
Mika Nozaki (Lux-Pain)
Mika Nozaki's artwork from Lux-Pain
First game Lux-Pain
Species Human
Voiced by (English) Kate Oxley
Voiced by (Japanese) Takahashi Makako
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Mika Nozaki is a main character in Lux-Pain. She is a junior at Kisaragi High School, and a reporter for Seagull news station.



Mika N.
Age: 17
Height: 155cm
Weight: 42kg
Family: Parents/sister
Address: Area5 A Bld.

1: A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki's classmate. Known for her blue short cut. Seems a little loud and loves breaking news.

2: Seems to be an journalist at school. Her active personality fits the job, but inability to relax is a problem. She needs to keep a cooler head.

3: Seems to have been targeted by the criminal of Kisaragi City Killer a year ago. She was injured but didn't give up journalism. A gutsy woman.

4: Due to seeing someone hurt in front of her, she's much mental damage. Chance of attack by Silent is high but, her guts keep her safe.

5: Seeing her eat candy makes an argument for hospital release. She ate 3 jellies and THEN lunch. Maybe they'd better check her stomach...

6: Although she runs around the city, she may be a bit plump. Witnessing her cake binge at Sweet Ring welcomes the danger of becoming round.

7: Despite attack and seisure by Silent, her unchangedness is another symbol of her strong will. Maybe the Silent got scared and ran.

8: After losing Atsuki, she felt like she had lost someone precious. Probably had a crush on him.

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