Mike Anderson.

Mike Anderson is a character from the video games Battle Clash and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge, both for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is the protagonist of the game and is from the United States. The villain Anubis killed Mike's father prior to the events in the game, and consequently Mike has sworn revenge on the villain as well as become the champion of the Battle Game. His robot mecha is named Falcon. In the first game, all of the tournament members are from different continents and must be defeated (all continents excluding Antarctica are represented). He does so, which grants him access to Anubis. Following the battle with Tasha of South America, the character falls in love with Mike and later assists him in the game. In the sequel, Mike takes on a hoard of aliens. During the fight with Typhon in the game, one of two things may occur depending on how the player performs. One event has Mike sacrificing himself and gives his role to the rookie, though in another event he remains alive. It should be noted that in the game, the player doesn't actually take control of Mike but rather a rookie who is taken in by Mike as a gunner.