FEW Minerva

Minerva's artwork from Fire Emblem Warriors
Series Fire Emblem
First game Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi
Species Human
Class Dracoknight (FE1/3/11/12)

Wyvern Lord (FE13)
Pegasus Knight (Cipher/FE14)

Year Created 1990
Created by Intelligent Systems
Voiced by (English) Cindy Robinson
Voiced by (Japanese) Sakakibare Yoshiko (Archanea Saga)

Ayane Sakura

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Minerva is a character in the Fire Emblem series. She is the princess of Macedon, the middle child of the Macedonian royal family, being the younger sister of Michalis and older sister of Maria. She appears in FE1, FE3, BS Fire EmblemFE11, FE12, FE13, FE14, Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Warriors.