Note: This article covers the extremely minor characters found in the WarioWare series, and should not include major ones such as Wario, 9-Volt, and so on.

  • 5-Volt is 9-Volt's mother in the series. She first appears in WarioWare: Twisted though you never see her face. She makes a full appearance in Game and Wario in which she is trying to catch 9-Volt in the act of gaming past his bedtime, in somewhat creepy ways parodying Japanese horror films such as the Ring.
  • Bridget the Baker is a human in WarioWare: Touched. In the game, Wario visits her and orders the character to give him 10 pies just after his dentist requested that he doesn't eat any more sweets.
  • The Elephant Ogre is a character found in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and is found in the Kat and Ana portion of the game. During the game, the ogre will fight Kat, though will be stopped by Ana when she poses as the ogres child.
  • Jimmy P. is a relative of Jimmy T. in the video games, and, contrary to Jimmy T.'s blue hair, Jimmy P. has yellow. It should also be noted that while Jimmy T. is a fan of cats, Jimmy P. loves dogs.
  • Shaggy is a Fronk from the series, and is 9-Volt's and 5-Volt's pet.