Mira full map

Series Xenoblade series
First game Xenoblade Chronicles X
Creator Monolith Soft

Mira is the planet which the entirety of Xenoblade Chronicles X occurs on. The known terrain of the planet consists of 5 continents in a space of 400km by 400km. It has some strange properties being perfectly habitable for numerous species and translating each other's words so everyone can understand each other.



The initial continent, mostly consisting of grasslands, hills and rivers. Significantly less dangerous than the other regions but still has rather strong inhabitants.


The continent to the West. It is mostly jungle themed with exotic wildlife. A notable nopon civilization is present there.


The continent to the East. It is desert-themed with several mysterious archaeological wonders like the rings and ruins.


The first continent to the north. A mysterious white land with several dangerous beasts and large automatons.


The second continent to the north, at the northern end of Sylvalum. It is also a continent filled with danger and also is highly volcanic.

New Los Angeles

The Colony of New Los Angeles is the human base of operations at the base of Primordia. Based on Los Angeles, but also the refuge to the species escaping the Ganglion. It was the habitation of the White Whale before it crashed into Mira.



Intelligent Species

There is only two intelligent species native to Mira, those are the Nopons and L'cirufe's species.