Miyu Sato
In-game screenshot
Series Red Steel
First game Red Steel
Species Human
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Miyu Sato is a main character and protagonist in Red Steel. She is the fiancee of the playable character Scott Monroe. Through most of the game, Scott is trying to rescue her.


Scott is engaged to Miyu. They are supposed to meet Miyu's father, Isao Sato, at the Overlook Hotel in Los Angeles, California so Scott can finally meet his future father-in-law.

But before the meeting actually takes place, a gang of thugs disguised as hotel staff attack them. Scott was knocked unconscious and Sato had his men safely escort Miyu to his personal suite.

When Scott and Sato reach the suite safely, they are greeted by Sato's friend Ryuichi who was keeping Miyu safe. They fight their way to the lower levels of the garage under the Hotel to make their escape. But when they get there, Ryuichi turns on them and attempts to kidnap Sato and Miyu. Scott manages to stop one car and rescue Sato, but Ryuichi is able to escape with Miyu.

Ryuichi takes Miyu to an auto body shop in South Los Angeles called Xtreme Wheels, where he's using the garage as a front for shipping weapons to Japan. Soon, Scott finds him there, so Ryuichi escapes the shop on a truck, dragging Miyu with him.

They end up at an airport where Ryuichi plans to take her to Tokyo. When she realizes Scott is there to rescue her, she is rushed on to the plane. After Ryuichi injures Scott and leaves him there to suffer, the plane takes off, heading for Tokyo.

Much, much later, Scott finally catches up with Miyu at Tokai's residence. Eventually, Scott defeats Tokai and saves Miyu.