Modor is the inn keeper of the Rusty Sword Inn in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. Modor was good friends with Jezibel. So, when he sees the main character, Del Cottonwood, wearing her pendant, he gets upset and quizzes Del to prove that Jezibel gave it to him. If Del answers the three given questions correct, he gains Modor's trust and can wander freely around the inn.


Question Answers

  • What's the name of Saul's friend? Lucas.
  • What was Saul hoping to find? Gold and Gems.
  • How long after he left did the poor woman die? A fortnight.
  • What season was it when Saul came home? High Winter.
  • Who did he leave with on the night he was last seen? Dwarf.
  • What did Jezibel become sick with after he left? Black Death.