Series Metroid series
First game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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Mogenar is a robot boss in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He is apparently an accident war Golem who's a colossal being. At the beginning of the fight, he'll grab four red colored orbs and merge them into his body, all of which give him power.

To defeat the monster, Samus Aran will have to shoot those orbs in his body when they're exposed. She'll also have to destroy the generaters that create more orbs, but only when they're sending them to Mogenar. While destroying his three orbs in front is fairly simple if you use your abilities, most notably your hypermode, the back orb is very challenging seeing that it's hard to get behind him.

His abilities are wide-ranged - He'll jump around and, once landed, will cause a large ripple in the ground which will harm Samus if she doesn't jump out of the way. He'll also smash down with his foot with much force, which will cause a smaller though more powerful ripple. Some times he'll send out a ghost hand that will not only attack you, but will also try to obtain more red orbs if she's destroyed some of them. Another attack is when he shoots out a blue powerful beam from his mouth.

Once Samus defeats Mogenar, she'll then be able to use morph ball bombs while in Hyper Mode. Also once defeated, Samus will be able to destroy the seed that's been infecting Bryyo with phazon.