Moleville is one of the multiple towns featured in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the SNES. As its name conspicuously insinuates, the village is populated by various moles of a friendly nature. When Mario, Mallow and Geno first arrive, they spot Bowser and his minions planning an unfavorable plan. An immense amount of the troop have been dispatched, and thus it seems as if his plans aren't going as fairly as he had hoped. After they leave, the group is given the right to enter the new, unexplored city.

They'll quickly find that two young moles had gotten themselves stuck inside of the Moleville Mines, and that at the time being they can't manage to get them out. So it's Mario's obligation to go out and save the two of them. Found in the city are various houses, an inn and a shop.