These are quotes said by Monita.

Nintendo Land

When trapped in ? Block

"Hello? Could you please let me out? Just tap the box on your Wii U GamePad." For PAL "Um, excuse me? Would you mind letting me out of here? Just touch the box on your GamePad."

Let out of ? Block

"Welcome to Nintendo Land! I am Monita,your park guide."

Summoning ? Block holding the Central Tower


Introduces attractions for the first time)

"Let me introduce the main feature here at Nintendo Land,the attractions. Nintendo Land features a wide range of attractions. Some can be played alone. Others are meant for groups. Nintendo Land is all about variety! Go step into any gate that catchces your eye."

Thanking the player for visiting Nintendo Land

"Thank you very much!"

Summoning the Tour Train

"Chugga Chugga! Woo Wooooo!"

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