Monster Party
220px-Monster Party Box
North American box art
Developer(s) Human Entertainment
Publisher(s) Bandai
Platform(s) NES platform icon
Genre(s) platformer
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Monster Party is a platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released by Bandai in 1989.


You play as a kid named Mark. Mark Is armed with a baseball Bat, and can use it to whack enemies, or even hit projectiles back. Mark meets a Monster Named Bert. Bert Says his home planet is in danger, and He needs Mark to Help. Mark Accepts, and goes off to save Bert's home. In the first level, everything seems all handy dandy, cute and adorable, kiddy land. But then, as you pass a tree, the screen flashes and platforms that were once smiling faces, are now sculls bathed in blood.


225px-Monster Party 2

The Title Screen

Such an unheard of game can't have a legacy, can it? Well, one boss was originally an Ape from The Planet of the Apes, and another boss was a Gremlin. A Prototype screenshot from Japan showed this game being darker than its USA release, with the title screen bathed in (even more) blood! Bandi has surprisingly rejected this game, in an attempt to hide it.

Game Model No


Continue Codes

Monster Party Allowed defeated players to continue via Continue codes.  There was a floating "." that makes it hard to record these on a computer.

Round 2: ?T5 4Cf tyO

Round 3: 7n9 4!N hTO

Round 4: 5uo Si? 1zP

Round 5: zn0 enA G!M

Round 6: cBD V"? Htt (The " next to the ?)

Round 7: DDu Xh. gN! (the floating .)

Round 8: E0i sR6 9OR

Start game on Round 2 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: arK vS7 bhn

Start game on Round 3 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: scs S6H dhm

Start game on Round 4 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: Hao Bag RfD

Start game on Round 5 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: M7S 7r! WOc

Start game on Round 6 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: -.u DaO N6D (2nd space is the middle .)

Start game on Round 7 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: d.6 1pR OM4 (2nd space is the middle .)

Start game on Round 8 with Max. Score/Max. Life Units: 6MA sRy UOd

Screen shots


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