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Morton Koopa Jr.
Morton Koopa Jr (New Super Mario Bros U)
Morton Koopa Jr.'s artwork from New Super Mario Bros. U
Series Mario series
Species Koopa
First game Super Mario Bros. 3
Created by Nintendo EAD4
Voiced by Dan Hennessey (DiC cartoons)
Lani Minella
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Big Mouth in the Super Mario World cartoon.

Morton Koopa Jr., also known as Big Mouth Koopa Jr. in the Mario TV series, was originally one of Bowser's children, before the idea was retconned into being a member of the elite seven-clan team, known as the Koopalings . His first appearance was in Super Mario Bros. 3, and he later appeared in Super Mario World, Yoshi's Safari, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Morton has pale-grey head with black hairs on it. The most obvious difference is that he has grey skin, dirty-white belly, when compared to his sister and brothers, who has yellow skin and lemon belly. He has 4 sharp teeth, two handcuffs (just like rest of family) and grey shell with spikes surrounded by white rings. He also has a four-ribbed padded stomach and padded feet. He has a magic wand that creates spiky balls.


Super Mario Bros. 3

In this game, Morton, along with his siblings conquered Desert Hills and took their ruler's magic wand, he used to turn him into a Hoopster. Morton's troops, however, was defeated by the Mario Bros. Morton then came face to face with them often do low jumps wand firing magic blasts, unlike other appearances Morton in his Mario 3. case couldn't shake the floor like his older brothers Roy and Ludwig. Morton was eventually defeated and abandon the wand.

Super Mario World

In this game when Bowser conquered Dinosaur Land he left a captured Baby Yoshi egg in Donut Plains were he left Morton at his castle to guard this piece of land so The Mario Bros. and the new friend, Yoshi. Like Super Mario Bros. 3 his troops failed and had to face his foes face-to-face once again. He attacks by climbing up walls while trying to crush Mario or Luigi. The floor will shake causing a short stunning to either Bro. unless they jump. It takes three hits to defeat Morton in this game much like Super Mario Bros. 3.

Yoshi's Safari

Being in charged of guarding a crystal gem Morton (thanks to Iggy) mechanical frog guarded it, for a brief time. Morton faced Mario and Yoshi again. He threw bombs and hoped a lot in his mach. Later, he was shot by Mario and Yoshi by the Super Scope and he was defeated.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Morton only had a cameo battle. Originally ordered by Bowser to guard the castle, Morton was hypnotized by Bowletta along with his siblings to fight Mario and Luigi. Before battle Morton would ground pound cause paralyzing waves, Mario and Luigi eased out of it. Morton repeated this in battle and spat fireballs, but was defeated after a while.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

After nine years of being ignored, Morton reappeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He disguised himself in a cake and kidnapped Princess Peach with the help of his siblings. Morton was dropped off at World 6 where he battled at his tower being fought by the Mario and co. he used magic blasts and his newly ground pounding ability. Though when stomped on his shell, he is hard to dodge especially if the player lands on the platforms he/she has dodge the spiked pillars. After being defeated, he retreated to his castle, being fought again. Kamek casts a spell to make Morton when he ground pounds the floor goes up and if Mario is on the floor when he ground-pounds loses a life. When Morton is defeated again, he survives and heads to World 8, where he helps Bowser onto his stomach, only to have the castle fall down on them.

Non-canon appearances

Mario is Missing

Morton is missing in both PC, NES, and SNES versions. Morton though not seen was helping Bowser taking over Antarctica. Morton however refuses to go outside or fight Luigi and is presumably watching the others.

Hotel Mario

In this game, Morton's Woodoor Hysteria was the first hotel to encounter in the game. It only takes two hits to defeat Morton and however to truly defeat Morton, Mario or Luigi has to close all of the doors to trap him.

Super Princess Peach

Morton only appeared in the beta version of Super Princess Peach. He attacks by taking mass air and inflating himself like a balloon, Spitting fireballs, charging, body slam, and diving headbutt. Not much else is known about him.


In Super Mario World, he attacked by climbing up the walls, then he walked on the ceiling, and then, he fell on the floor, temporarily making you unable to move. When defeated, he sank into the background and disappeared in a cloud of dust.


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