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(This is about the Metroid enemy. You may be looking for the Chrono Trigger enemy of the same name.)
Mother Brain

Mother Brain's artwork
Series Metroid series
First game Metroid
Created by Nintendo R&D1
Intelligent Systems
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Mother Brain is a popular antagonist in the Metroid series of video games, first debuting in the NES video game Metroid. It is a large mechanical being which, as its name implies, resembles a large brain. In the middle of it is a large eye which presumably sees any oncoming threat, including the Space Pirate's dreaded enemy (though the protagonist of the series) Samus Aran. Various metal cables protrude from within it. It has appeared in Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid.



Mother Brain is the final boss in the game. Samus fights it in Tourian at the bottom of Planet Zebes. Mother Brain is encased in a glass case. Before Samus could defeat it, she would have to break open the glass that covers it. Preceding that she'd have to traverse through a sequence of traps that would put her jumping, dodging and shooting skills to the test. After Samus breaks the glass case, she must shoot missiles at it to defeat it.

Its main form of attack is shooting out lasers via its single eye. It is a challenge to dodge on the account that 1. Samus is standing on a single pedestal, and on both sides of it is lava, 2. There are on coming projectiles, and 3. The laser is rapidly shot out.

Metroid Zero Mission

In this remake of the original Metroid, the fight with Mother Brain occurs mostly the same. However, she is not the final boss as Samus's ship is gunned down leaving Zebes. She must explore the Space Pirate Mother ship and defeat a robot based on Ridley.

Super Metroid

Mother Brain is also the final boss in Super Metroid. Samus first fights her the same way as in the original game. However, after it is defeated, it returns in a large robotic body. Samus attacks her by shooting missiles at Mother Brain's head and brain. Towards the end of the fight, Mother Brain uses an attack that gravely damages Samus near the point of death. The baby Metroid that thinks Samus is its mother from SR388 she saves at the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus comes and begins attacking Mother Brain. It dies, but not before giving Samus the energy it sucks from Mother Brain. Samus receives the Hyper Beam, which she then uses to defeat Mother Brain once and for all, from this.

Captain N


Mother Brain from Captain N

Mother Brain was the main villain in the cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master. She appeared frequently in the first two seasons, but was largely absent from the third season. Her henchmen are King Hippo, Dr. Wily and the Eggplant Wizard. Levi Stubbs provides the voice for Mother Brain, he also voiced Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.

Levi Stubbs


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